Most popular Macedonian food

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A cup of homemade rakija, a cure for everything!
Rakija or Macedonian brandy comes under the category of natural medicine, a secretly popular weapon against many diseases, together with olive oil, garlic, honey and other local they say ... For stomachaches, colds, flu and similar illnesses, they say there is no better medicine than rakija. It will destroy all bacteria and viruses. Also recommended for muscle pain, not to mention for disinfection of wounds. Usually, drank as an aperitif, for a morning wake-up, with cheese and prosciutto, before and after lunch, facilitates sleep, to forget or to cheer. However, they say that who doesn't drink homemade rakia, hasn't been drinking rakija at all! 

This is one of the most interesting delicacy in Macedonia, usually prepared for Easter. My mum prepares it every year and usually she and my sister in law eat it whole :) She prepares it in an earthenware pot and looks and tastes really awesome. It's prepared from the lamb intestines and they should be cleaned really good before cooking from understandable reasons. This dish is low fat and low caloric and goes well with good Macedonian white wine.

Who came to Prilep and has not tried shirden - it's like one has not been in Prilep.This recipe is traditional Macedonian heritage of Oriental cuisine and can't leave anyone indifferent. For those who don't know, shirden is the lining of the stomach of a lamb. To prepare this specialty, you'll need to spend little more time, but believe me, it's definitely worth it.


There are many recipes of village meat and everyone makes it according their own taste. It's a traditional Macedonian dish, basically consisted of meat and onion. It is usually prepared in winter.
Turlitava is a common traditional dish in Macedonia. It's made of vegetable and meat stew baked in an oven in a traditional pottery dish. Turlitava arrives from Turkish words turli meaning mixed and tava, a pottery dish.
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